St Mary's Church Hall , Goring by Sea BN12 4UZ

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Perfect for seniors and beginners. Experience the benefits of gentle yoga and improve your well-being.

Hi, there.

I'm Tina.

I embarked on my yoga teaching journey back in 2010 when I completed my training with BSY. Since then, I have been sharing the transformative power of yoga through my classes.

Initially, I taught popular hall-based sessions that drew in a large number of students. To ensure everyone's comfort, I had to limit the class size.

However, when the pandemic arrived, I quickly adapted by taking my classes online. It was a challenging learning curve, mastering platforms like Zoom and navigating the technical aspects, but the effort was well worth it. Reconnecting with my students and supporting them in continuing their practice during the lockdown was truly wonderful.

Even now, I continue to enhance my skills and knowledge, always striving to learn more. I still teach one online class every Monday evening, allowing students to join from the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, I have resumed my hall-based Friday morning class, providing a space for in-person practice and connection.

I am passionate about guiding individuals on their yoga journey, helping them discover the incredible benefits it brings to their lives.

Join me in class and experience the joy and wellness that yoga can offer.

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Women Keeping Fit

6:00 - 7:00 pm


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9: 15am - 10: 15am

Hall - Based


Join my thriving online community of over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube. Discover over 430 free yoga videos on my channel, Yoga Etc with Tina. Let's embark on a transformative yoga journey together.


Highly recommended; ideal class for beginners but suitable for all levels. Small class sizes. Patient and professional tutor who provides a great yoga experience in a friendly and supportive environment.

Thank you so much for yoga this evening. Having a class to look forward to each week is really helping me - Monday is my new favourite day!"

Tina’s classes literally changed my life! She has taught my body to keep supple through Yoga stretch techniques which can be adapted to suit any capability level! She makes her classes fun as well as enjoyable, and I would recommend her to ALL

Tina you have changed my life! I love your “waffling” and your energy. I have tried yoga so many times and I always felt that I could never do it just right. You have shown me that I can do it. Loving the 7 day challenge! Keep up the videos!!!


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