The Misconceptions of Yoga




The perception of Yoga to the general public can be very misleading.

This has largely been created by the media, who when they are putting together a magazine cover want classy and complicated postures by a model who looks very thin, very svelte and very flexible!…..consequently this has created an image that Yoga is basically some form of complicated exercise similar to that of a circus acrobat!…..which then makes people believe…..!

I am not FLEXIBLE enough to practice Yoga

I have to be THIN to practice Yoga

I have to be YOUNG to practice Yoga


These are huge misconceptions as Yoga can be adapted to any ability, regardless of limitations.

Yoga is suitable for everyone, all levels of it are not the same of course, BUT you are still getting the mind/body coordination and the meditative component – the mindfulness and the awareness.

There are four components:

The physical postures: stretching/breathing & relaxation techniques.

Self-regulation: the ability to control our internal stress response, and to control our emotional response

The cultivation of mind/body awareness: the sense of being able to feel and experience what is going on in the body, and to experience what is going on mentally to observe the flow of thought, this can lead to increased mindfulness which can change behaviours in a very positive way.

Experiencing deeper states: even short term meditative states can be transformative and can help take you to a more positive lifestyle.


The more control we have in our minds the more power we have in our life.

When we strengthen ourselves as individuals, we take back the power over our behaviour.

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