Hay Fever, Chocolate & Yoga

Hay Fever time again!

When I woke yesterday morning, I could sense a mild attack of hay fever coming on, I do suffer mildly and occasionally, so I took half a Loratadine tablet to prevent it getting any worse, (I try not to take too many as these merely treat the symptoms and in doing so suppress your immune system). This worked perfectly well, I was out walking in the sunshine for a good part of the day and apart from the odd sneeze, I was fine, however all that changed around 9pm! Whilst relaxing in front of the telly, I indulged in a couple of strips of dark chocolate and boom!… I suddenly began sneezing, my nose was streaming and within about half an hour I had used half a box of tissues and my sinuses were blocked and painful. I took another half tablet, (reluctantly) just so I could get off to sleep. This morning I woke with a dry mouth and horribly blocked sinuses!…thankfully half an hour of Yoga cleared them completely. However I did some research and discovered that chocolate contains histamine!… I never knew that, so I will be doing my best to avoid it along with peanuts, citrus fruits and bananas. Also a Phytochemical called Quercetin found in berries with a dark red or blue hue, plums, apples, cherries and in all types of onions, has the ability to inhibit the release of histamine. So I will be avoiding the chocolate, at least during the hay fever season.

Yoga poses that are helpful are:
SHOULDER STAND: opens the nasal passages to improve drainage
BRIDGE: easier and fuller breathing down into the lungs
WARRIOR ONE: lungs and chest open to help mucus drain

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.





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