Clear your mind of clutter – focus your attention on your breath

Take time to rest your attention on your breath instead of getting wrapped up in the ongoing drama of your thoughts. Once your thoughts settle, your mind is free from all the clutter that keep you busy and restless and unable to make good decisions.

Start slowly fitting in 5 minutes here and there, try it next time you are standing in a queue, washing up or cooking the dinner. Just shift your attention away from your thoughts and on to your breath.

Many problems we face in life are as a result of our thinking. Whilst our lives are taking place in this moment – our minds are drawn to re-thinking what has already happened and looking ahead to what might happen.

The Buddha said: ‘We suffer in life because we are trapped in our minds’

‘If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place’ – Lao-tzu

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