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Weight Management

Regular Yoga practice can also help in Weight Management. Some poses stimulate sluggish glands and increase their hormonal secretions. The thyroid gland, especially has a big affect on our weight because it affect body metabolism and some poses such as the shoulder stand and fish postures are specific for this. Also by practising Yoga there is a reduction in anxiety which will help to reduce anxious eating. Finally Yoga poses induce continuous deeper breathing which gradually burns many of the calories already ingested.

As yoga continues to stimulate the flow of positive health within you, you will notice other changes, your tastes will alter, you go off food and drink that you once thought you could not live without. Once you start feeling good about yourself, you stop wanting to harm your body with junk foods, eventually you will regard them as toxins. This is Yoga’s way of naturally encouraging you to eat foods that are beneficial to your body.

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Yoga exercises the mind as well as the body, and when it is practiced in a mindful way, it will benefit you emotionally. As you learn to observe the ebb and flow of your breathing and the release of tension in your body, you will become more aware of your feelings and more in touch with your emotions and understand more clearly how they are expressed by your body. The ability to focus on the breathing for a while calms the mind and reduces anxiety. From the beginning of our lives our bodies express our feelings, when we are happy we feel relaxed, light, loose and comfortable, but when we are unhappy, frightened, angry or anxious, our bodies tense up to protect us from emotional pain.


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Emotional Balancing Process – Alternate Nostril Breathing

This comprises of breathing in and out through alternate nostrils. Rebalancing the hemispheres of the brain; by breathing in through the left nostril the brains reset thoughts and emotional processes encouraging new perspectives. Exhaling through the right nostril, the constant rumination and cautions of the brain are calmed and relaxed. This exercise sets a new set of brain functioning establishing emotional and mental balance at times of stress.

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