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The importance of ‘me’ time

2017-07-23 09.14.22

A beautiful sunny start to the day, just sitting in my garden listening to the birds and savouring a delicious cup of coffee. Simple pleasures to be enjoyed. I like to make time in my life for peaceful little interludes of mindfulness, even if it’s only ten minutes here and there, it makes me feel good….unashamedly and utterly ‘me’ time!!!!……Happy Sunday  x

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40 ways (& days) of yoga healing – day 1

40 ways Yoga heals

Each day for the next forty days I am going to post 40 ways yoga heals and benefits body, mind, spirit and can improve health. It’s never too late to take care of yourself.

Day 1.Increases flexibility:

Anyone who has ever taken a hatha yoga class knows that Yogic postures ask you to stretch in ways you would never have thought of, and by continuing to practice has also observed that tight areas open up over time and poses that once seemed impossible become possible. The question remains ‘how might this benefit health’? Here are just a few examples:

A lack of flexibility in your hips can put strain on the knee joint, due to improper alignment of the thigh and shin bones.

Back pain can be caused by tightness of the hamstrings-muscles the back of the thigh- that led to the flattening of the lumber spine.

See you tomorrow for day 2

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