IMG_1988I have been teaching part-time for the last six years now because I just love it so much and I want to share it. I wouldn’t say I am a Yoga fanatic but I have to admit that the first thing I do when I climb out of bed in the morning is to pull on a pair of leggings and get on my Yoga mat!!  Ahh, you may think I am just a health obsessive ‘goody two shoes’ forcing myself to exercise so I look ‘the part’ as the teacher…….but it’s just not true!!..I have to confess it is the total opposite, I am so hooked, I truly cannot bear to miss it!…it has become another of my morning habits such as taking a shower and eating breakfast. Once you embrace this habit it will embrace you too, I promise it is the best feeling ever to go off to work feeling relaxed and flexible, especially if you sit at a desk all day as I do.


40 ways (& days) of yoga healing

Day 3:

Improves balance:

While strength can help prevent a fall you are also less likely to trip if you have improved your balance by regularly practicing asana like ‘Tree pose’. Yoga also helps you use your body in an overall more balanced way, left to right, front to back,

40 ways (& days) yoga heals

Day 2
Strengthens muscles: Muscle weakness contributes to numerous problems including arthritis, back pain and falls in the elderly. Many of the physical limitations people associate with aging including weakness and progressive disability are due to loss of muscle (use it or lose it) – dubbed Sarcopenia – degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass. Studies have shown that even people in their 80’s can make rapid gains in function when they adopt a regime to build muscle. Asana practice not only strengthens muscles, but does so in a functional way balancing strength with flexibility. In addition to strengthening muscles Yoga appears to build endurance and delay the onset of fatigue.