Go slowly – respect your body’s limits and listen to its innate wisdom. The more you do Yoga, the more you’ll have access to that intuitive sense of what is good for YOU and what isn’t.

Do your practice with awareness – Much of this is common sense…if something hurts, don’t do it! If a pose becomes uncomfortable, come out of it.

A big part of keeping yourself safe with Yoga is tuning in to how you feel both during and after practice.

Don’t try too hard – Students often push to achieve the outward form of a pose – trying to emulate their teacher or a photo from a magazine – even when their body and breath are telling them they aren’t ready yet. This is not a balanced action, not tuning in.

Staying safe in class – Whilst nobody wants to feel like he/she can’t do what everybody else is doing, Yoga is about tuning into your inner landscape, and not worrying what others will think.

Your Yoga is all about you – It is a personal journey, so be present and relaxed with yourself and avoid comparing yourself to others in the room

Is Yoga just stretching?

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The truth is that yoga is anything you want it to be.

There is A LOT of stretching in yoga, but…what’s really going on when you stretch one muscle is that you’re actually flexing another. This relationship is known as “extensors and flexors.” When the extensor muscle relaxes, the flexor muscle strengthens.

These muscle groups are known as skeletal, forming around the bones to bend and straighten joints while creating motion and activity in the other surrounding muscles.  Muscle groups are being toned and shaped, while internal organs are being purified and massaged.

By adding conscious movement, your body and mind will stretch and strengthen. It’s up to you how much you want to either relax into a pose or activate and strengthen your muscles. Just be mindful that you are approaching each pose with grace and ease.

Whatever the style of yoga it is that you practice, you are dedicating time to connect the mind, body, and breath.

Much like life, yoga is not a destination but rather a journey that unfolds before your very eyes. Be the silent observer of your body and allow yourself to watch and appreciate the amazing things it is capable of doing and you may surprise yourself with what you as a whole being can achieve.

Suggested Yoga poses for Menopause symptom relief

When dealing with hot flashes and hormonal shifts, try these poses to relieve symptoms.

Bridge Pose.

Extended Triangle Pose.


Reclined Goddess.

Hero Pose.IMG_2181 IMG_2182 IMG_2183 IMG_2184