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St Laurence Church Hall, Sea Place/Brook Barn Way, Goring by Sea, Worthing


St Mary’s Church Hall, behind Goring Library, Goring by Sea, Worthing

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Hi Tina, Sorry I will not be able to attend classes any more as I have moved to Nottingham. I have very much enjoyed your lessons and hope I will be able to find another yoga group like yours in West Bridgford. I have been to several yoga groups in the past and yours is far the best! I always looked forward to Monday evening. Christina Flanagan
"Tina is a very knowlegable friendly teacher who encourages us to do yoga at home as well as at her 1st class Monday evening classes. She gave us all yoga diaries with pictures of postures for us to practise at home. Then we will be as super bendy as she is."     Maggie Spencer
"I'm fairly new to yoga and this class has been a perfect introduction. Tina makes it easy to follow, we can see and feel ourselves getting better each week and we go at a pace which seems just right for everyone. Tina has the mix of balances/stretches and relaxation just right and it's a great start to my week and a perfect de-stresser. Can't recommend it enough!"
Caz Cannon
"Tinas yoga classes are amazing, not only do I have an hour of pure relaxation but also fantastic exercise.  My whole body ached like I had done a full on aerobics class the day after.  She is an excellent teacher and I would fully recommend coming along!" Emma Isaac
"I did my first Yoga session with Tina last night and it was most enjoyable. I came away feeling like I had really done something and can feel muscles today that I didn't realise I had. I can't wait for next week." Jo Pocock
"Enjoying the mix of relaxation and excercise - an excellent start to a week. Looking forward to more excellent tuition to become more bendy!" Nicky VanderHage
"I've done 2 sessions with Tina now and am loving it. Her instructions are easy to follow and I'm able to get myself into position without getting in a tangle! Monday evenings get off to a nice relaxing start and I feel like I've done my body some good!" Lauren Rycroft
"I had never done any yoga before starting at Tina's Monday night class so I wasn't sure what to expect but I love it! Tina's instruction is fantastic and so easy to follow. I always come out feeling relaxed but like I've had a real work out - I can't recommend it enough!" Amy Kenward

Yoga Class in Worthing – St Laurence Church Hall, Sea Place/Brook Barn Way, Goring by Sea, Worthing


St Marys Church Hall behind Goring library, Goring by Sea, Worthing